How to Improve Essay Writing Skills: University Guide for ESL Students

You professor hands you an essay and what you see is…C. Things are not going well, that’s for sure. The score is low, you’re disappointed. The majority of students find it hard to accomplish every other assignment due to the lack of professional writing skills and knowledge in a particular area. And if you’re not speaking English as your first language, the research and term papers, courseworks and dissertation projects turn into a real disaster. But the reality is that you NEED to understand how to develop the best quality essay or book report since tutors use them to evaluate your knowledge of the course.


#1 Engage in Online Chat or Forum Conversations

This is especially good for the English non-native speakers! The point is that you can’t improve your English writing skills until you finally think in English. Various chat rooms and forums really make the difference: every user is forced into a dynamic and creative environment that requires you to give fast replies. The very moment you perfect your thinking in this language, together with your writing, feel free to practice your pronunciation!


#2 Search for Custom Writing Advice

The best criticism can be received from a native English speaker, who is also a professional custom writing expert. You can find one on the writing services like This cheap essay writing service is a thrilling find for those who are on the lookout for the best assignment samples for international students. Whether you need to buy an essay or a research paper, to get some help with the drafting or the writing part, to see how certain verbs, slang and expressions should be used or to receive the basic and effective recommendations on how to craft a good essay, ensure to approach the service twenty four hours a day with the simple message “Help me boost my skills, please!”. The writers working for the companies like will do their best to correct your tone, spelling, grammar and style in every other sample.


#3 Get Inspired by Studying the Masters

You’re not born with excellent English speaking and writing skills, just like a chef is not born with a bunch of recipes in his head. Instead, even the most prominent writer learns how to write professionally by doing tons of exercises, writing the toughest college essays, surfing through various examples of the literature masterpieces and exploring the masters of course. What can you do to improve essay writing skills? First, pay attention to the words and words combinations in the novels, movie reviews and various sports reports. Second, find inspiration to come up with the new topics by studying Cosmopolitan covers. Third, read the books for kids in order to see how to discuss serious topics in the simplest words. Fourth, if you need to improve your persuasive writing techniques, you will find some tips directly in the sales copy and mail –inspiration is anywhere!


#4 Create a Personalized Dictionary

Every student has a special need when he’s writing a college essay or a research paper. The thing is that your native language may make certain aspects of the English language that are especially hard for you. Or your field of study or discipline may comprise a specialized vocabulary or a range of specific word combinations and idioms. It is highly recommended to save yourself some precious time through creating your own personalized dictionary. Buy a nice notebook that isn’t big since your dictionary will be shorter than a traditional one. At the same time, it will be absolutely useful to you. Do not forget to carry one around with you to have an opportunity to check it and review while waiting for a lesson to start or for the moment, when it’s your turn to deliver a speech.


#5 Stop Telling You Lack Writing Skills

You’ve been accepted into the college or your dream. You have good scores. You want to inspire and impress your audience. So, do not complain your English writing skills aren’t as good as the ones of the native speakers. Just get to work. And just write.


If you write in English as a second language and have hard times, use the strategies mentioned above to ease the process.