Career scope in selenium – Future of Testing

Career scope in selenium - Future of Testing

Selenium is an automation tool for software testing process. We know that software automation testers are always needed in IT industry. Test automation is the use of special software separate from the software being tested to control the execution of tests and the comparison of actual outcomes with predicted outcomes. Over the past 10 years or more, test automation has goen through multiple facets of changes. Many vendors have introduced new tools, open source tools have come to stay and some vendors are marketing their products as the ultimate solution for Quality. Many big companies assured that automation testing is going to next phase and will have higher benefits in longer run, Selenium is going to be in use for foreseeable future for automation testing and it supports functional and testing and finally It is more consistency, flexible and extendable. The scope of job in selenium texting will be available at all times for skilled and trained professionals. The test automation developers were expected to convert the written test cases into automation scripts, this required adequate knowledge in programming as well like C, C#, Perl and Java. Automation testers are expected to have good business knowledge with the advent of model-based testing. While working as test automation specialists, various obstructions would occur and would be faced in automation framework code and test run of various scripts in the form of exceptions, failures and different problems. The trend of test automation is changing exponentially, selenium makes way for more functional testing at the very beginning stage of development. Parallelly web is undergoing a lot of changes very frequently and the changes continue to occur and automated tests need to be created and maintained. Selenium is the defector tool for both PC browser and mobile browser automation and it is considered as a web standard that is supported by all browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and many more. Selenium is an open source and support all the browsers that are currently available. Selenium WebDriver automation frameworks is important for web-based text automation.  Selenium is extension to java that gives property of Platform independence. IT supports windows, Linux and OSX. Selenium has huge scope and you can see the future of selenium as there are so many supportive tools emerging that makes selenium as a platform more than just an automation tool. There are selenium courses available like selenium training in Chennai learn and get trained with selenium software in professional manner. Selenium web driver training in Chennai are available to learn more detailed about Selenium web driver frame works and its scripts.  As of now Selenium Automation Testing is at the top in the market as far as automation testing is concerned, being a open source software, people who are interested in selenium, could learn in better way to find their place in top companies. the near future qualified test automation engineers will need to understand more concepts and artificial intelligence apart from programming languages and tools.