SEO Content Step By Step

Nowadays, it really important for the online services to have SEO blogs and articles for the management of social media. Article writers and bloggers always have something fresh to write about which gives insight into their ideas. People also hire these bloggers or article writers to introduce their brand, company or to write the review of their products. But writing an article is not about collecting some word and throws it on the paper while expecting that people will rush to your article. Professional SEO services know that people will rush to your article only if you built in a right way. Therefore, either you have education site or any other website, it must important to learn – how to design SEO Content Step By Step? in order to get traffic on your website.

Here are some of the steps to follow if you want to create an SEO optimized content.

  1. Take notes of your keywords

If you have written an article on the website then give it a little time until Google takes notice of what you have written. Choose prominent keywords and phrases. The keywords should be common that are mostly searched by the people. You can also make a spreadsheet for your keywords in order to track how many times you work them.

  1. Make your keywords work

Adding keywords and keeping track of it is good, but they will not be of any use unless you make them work in the right way. Add your keyword in the title, headings and subheadings of your article. Adding keywords in the first 300 words or paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 will also do well.

  1. Write something that matters to people

Some of the writers create stuff that is of no use to the people. While writing an article keep in mind that does this really concerns people? Is it of use to the people? Is it that much informative and beneficial for the people that are going to search for it? When you are writing something, you always do it for the people not for Google algorithms. The article should be compelling, informative and should relate to the interest of people. Even if you need to ask advice from an expert about something you are writing, just go for it for the sake of your content.

  1. Basics of technical SEO should be known to the writers

Usually, writers don’t know how to enable HTTPS across the whole domain. They don’t even know how to migrate the site. Firstly, you need to know that how Google sneaks in your pages and website. Content writing is not about to throw a single or two posts on the blog, the writer must write hundreds of them.

  1. Word count matters

It is observed through a research that search engines favor the articles with large word count. Try to write the articles with the word count of at least 500-600 words. If you can write 1000 words or more, go for it. It is observed that the most popular posts that search engines shows are of 1500 words.

  1. Edit your work before publishing

The new and improved versions of the Microsoft Office and Google Docs make it easy for the writers to check their mistakes. The red and green squiggly lines never let go off any overlooked mistake. With this format, it would be more fruitful if your content is checked by some other eye that might point out some of the errors that are overlooked.

  1. Your very own online PR agency

Your work here is still not completed when you have written and posted your fresh work. The final step is to link your content all over the place. Leave the link of your site on other blogs. You can also submit your content to Reddit and other social sites. And remember, you are not going to master it overnight. Everything takes time. Have patience.

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