9 reasons of why Study abroad in South Korea

Study abroad in South Korea

There are thousands of students are searching for studying abroad. But when you have to select the right country for your education, you need to consider many factors. Not only the education degree, the standard of living, social security, etc. matter a lot. There are many countries which are overlooked because we don’t have an awareness of the details on the same. Study abroad in South Korea may be ignored by you because you don’t have sufficient information on the same.

Let’s find out the reasons for study abroad in South Korea –

1.Cheap cost of living

South Korea is cheap for living expense. Being a student, you may always have short of enough money for expenditure. South Korea is the ideal option for you. The cab fare in South Korea costs you US$ 1 per kilometer.

2.Excellent Education

South Korea is famous for excellent educational facilities. There are three large worldly recognized universities in South Korea –  Seoul National University, Korea University, and Yonsei University. Their reputation lies in high post-graduates employment rates. There two other universities which are lesser known but well equipped to provide post-graduate degree –  Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Sungkyunkwan University.

3.Quality food

Students have the preference to choose cheap and tasty food. Korean pallet supports that. In South Korea, you can have veg and non-veg. food with all the price ranges. The culture in South Korea prioritizes food, as many of the food lovers congregate in the weekend to enjoy the delicious dish.

4.Enjoyable nightlife

Apart from study, South Korea supports vibrant nightlife. Being a student, you have the freedom to enjoy parties. The culture in South Korea believes in ‘working hard and playing hard’ attitude.

5.Welcoming people

Whatever country, you may reside, the attitude of the people matters a lot. After all, they are supposed to be the neighbor. In South Korea, the local people are very welcoming and open to accept the foreign culture teaches you a lot about there civilization.

6.Traveling opportunity

Apart from studies, your traveling also plays a significant role. South Korea has the geographical interest. Being located at the focus center of Asia Pacific, you have the opportunity to travel the adjacent countries at the pocket-friendly wallet.

7.The balance between traditional and modern

If you are searching an amalgamation between conventional and the contemporary culture, South Korea is the perfect blend of the both. Sky-kissing multi-storied modern building and age-old temples will surprise you in South Korea.

8.Language Class

Language cannot be the bar in South Korea. If you want to learn Korean for local convenience, you can find many language classes at the flexible timing. Being a complete beginner, you can quickly start a class and learn the language in South Korea.

9.High Standard of living

Being 4th largest economy in Asia, leading financial centers are located in South Korea. The livelihood is very progressing. South Korea has turned to be a promising place to live, work and study.