Emory Creative Writing Programs: How to Meet Their Requirements

Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the most coveted institutions for those who want to get into creative writing. Founded in 1836, Emory is home to more than 70 majors, 50 minors and a plethora of pre-professional opportunities. They have world-renowned programs that even professional creative writing services would wish to write about. They actually offer a combination of workshop-style and traditional critical analysis giving students diverse experience to find focus in poetry, creative nonfiction, playwriting, fiction as well as screenwriting.

Getting into Emory University is like a dream for many aspiring young writers. They have more than 23,000 applications and accepted a mere 5,000 students from an increasingly competitive pool of applicants. If you are aiming to get into Emory, you have to demonstrate characteristics that they are looking for through your personal statement and other essays.

If you are applying for Emory, you need to choose two supplemental essay prompts from a list of four in addition to your admission essay. A maximum of 150 words is required to each of the essay prompts that you choose. These are supplemental essay prompts that you will encounter:

  1. What is your favorite fiction or non-fiction work? (Book, TV Show, Film, Play etc) Why?
  2. What motivates you to learn?
  3. What will you miss the most about your current community when you leave for college?
  4. In the age of social media, what does engaging with integrity look like for you?

Based on instructions, Emory would like to know you a bit more through these questions and that you should not worry too much about getting the right answers. The question would seem daunting at first, but how you respond to these will surely add character to your application when it is written properly. So before diving in to these prompt questions, thoughtfully consider your answers to all.

Keep in mind that these supplemental essays aim to give the admission officers a rough estimate of your character based on your responses. It is more of a personal profile which will be shown to future school administration. How do you want them to perceive you? What would you expect from the new community and what can you contribute to your new surroundings?

In the supplemental essays, you are given a maximum of 150 word essay to response. Be concise and express yourself carefully as this will allow more or less 10 average length sentences.

Use these supplemental essays to reveal something you have not included in the common application. Choose prompt questions according to your personal preferences and how you can relate to them. For instance, you can use prompt 3 to express how much you will miss the mentorship of teachers in your current community if you have to elaborate your extra-curricular activities with the service clubs.

Prompt 2 is a perfect choice for those who have a concrete reason for pursuing higher education and for choosing creative writing programs at Emory. Some students may find it hard to truly pinpoint their motivations for learning so this is best advised for those who can approach it properly without being cliché about learning and finding inspiration to learn.

The other prompt questions can be approached with specific writing styles. If you want to discuss prompt 1, make sure that you choose something from your recent memory for you to provide a deep reflection of the movie, book or show.